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External events

  • 5 May - 1 July 2017

    CALL FOR PAPERS Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association

    Copenhagen, 14-16 December 2017

    Founded last year in Amsterdam, the Memory Studies Association (MSA) aims at institutionalizing memory studies as a research field that is able to provide fundamental knowledge about the importance and function of memories in the public and private realm. The MSA’s objective is to provide a central forum for developing, discussing, and exchanging ideas about the methodology and theory of the inter- and multi-disciplinary field of memory studies.

    » Read more

  • 21 June - 31 July 2017

    New report on refugees' right to family reunification

    In an issue paper published today, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, urges member states to lift the many obstacles to reunification of refugee families.  » Read more

  • 26 June - 28 June 2017

    Asia in Circulations - 9th Annual ADI Conference

    The 2017 annual ADI conference addresses the question of ‘the Asian century’ that is yet to be fully examined. » Read more

  • 28 June - 30 June 2017

    14th IMISCOE Annual Conference

    Cities are often the main ports of entry for migration and the location where migration-related diversity is manifested most prominently... » Read more

  • 24 July - 26 July 2017

    The Value of [Not] Being Diverse 

    “Social Cohesion”, “Diversity” and “Pluralism” have become normative central guiding principles in democratic societies. However, the practical implementation of how to define social cohesion, deal with diversity and act in pluralistic societies is rather contested. » Read more