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Relationships and Responsibilities


The theme “Relationships and Responsibilities” is chosen to arch over Iseult Honohan’s different research interests to include questions of special relations and obligations in the context of citizenship, migration, families, religion, education, and the republic.

Issues surrounding the form and scope of (political) relationships and communities and the responsibilities that attach to them are not only current and hotly debated political issues but also a growing research area within moral and political philosophy and theory. This conference aims to bring together scholars working on citizenship, migration, the family, religion, the republic and related issues to explore the differences and similarities in their evaluation of the nexus between relationships and responsibilities.

Paper proposals are welcome to engage, inter alia, with the following issues:  

• rights and duties of immigrants and receiving societies
• republican approaches to migration
• liberal, republican, and other understandings of citizenship
• duties based on special relationships and roles in politics, parenting, and/or education
• the role of religion and religious diversity for political communities
• access to citizenship

Paper proposals (about 1,000 words) should be prepared for blind review and submitted electronically by 23. January 2017 to the following e-mail address: Decisions will be made and communicated as soon as possible afterwards.

For more information on registration, travel and accommodation, please see the conference website: