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Pia Quist

Pia Quist

Associate Professor

My research interests include:
Language and Gender
Youth and language
Language in the city
Language and social mobility

My research focus is currently on ‘place’ as a sociolinguistic factor. How do places influence language use? How do speakers create places through language? How and with what effects do speakers create links between themselves and places? I am involved with two research projects that examine connections between language and place in four different locations in Denmark. One project "Language and Place - Linguistic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark" is financed by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities. It is a comparative study of young people's language use in multicultural, urban Vollsmose in Odense and rural Bylderup in Sønderjylland ( ). The second project, "Dialect in the Periphery" financed by VELUX, examines young people's use of dialect in Hirtshals, Sønderjylland and Bornholm ( ).


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