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National Values and Social Cohesion

Conference at Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen, 4-6 October, 2017

Please register your participation. All are welcome and it is free of charge.


Christian Albrekt Larsen (University of Aalborg)
Clara Sandelind (University of Sheffield)
Daniel Weinstock (McGill University)
Eric Uslaner (University of Maryland)
Gina Gustavsson (Uppsala University)
Karen Nielsen Breidahl (Aalborg University AAU)
Keith Banting (Queens University)
Kristian Kongshøj (Aalborg University AAU)
Linda Lapina (Roskilde University RUC)
Matthew Wright (American University)
Nils Holtug (University of Copenhagen)
Patti Lenard (University of Ottawa)
Tim Reeskens (Tilburg University)


Wednesday 4. October

Auditorium 22.0.11
9.30-9.40 Welcome by Nils Holtug
9.40-10.55 Eric Uslaner, National Identity and Political Polarization
10.55-12.10 Karen Nielsen Breidahl, Dual or Divided Loyalties? National Identity and Pride Among First and Second Generation Immigrants in Western Europe 
12.10-13.10 Lunch
13.10-14.25 Clara Sandelind, Is the Welfare State Bad for Immigration?
14.25-15.40 Daniel Weinstock, Social Cohesion: What Are the Right Indices?
15.40-16.00 Break
16.00-17.15 Matthew Wright, Is 'National Identity' Really 'Identity'? Is it Even 'National'? Conceptualization, Measurement, and the Cohesion Conundrum

Thursday 5. October

Auditorium 23.0.50
9.30-10.45 Kristian Kongshøj, TBA
10.45-12.00 Gina Gustavsson, Who Needs National Identity? How the Big Five Personality Traits Moderate the Link Between National Identity and Egalitarianism
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.15 Patti Lenard, "Cultural-national identity, trust and the place of religion."
14.15-15.30 Tim Reeskens, Long Live the King? On the Relationship between Support for the Monarchy and Social Trust in a Divided Society
15.30-15.50 Break
15.50-17.05 Christian Albrekt Larsen , Revitalizing the ‘civic’ and ‘ethnic’ distinction. Perceptions of nationhood across two dimensions, 44 countries and two decades.

Friday 6. October

Auditorium 23.0.50 
9:30-10:45 Keith Banting, “National Identity, diversity and deservingness: new evidence from Canada”
10.45-12.00 Nils Holtug, Liberal Values and Social Cohesion
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.15 Linda Lapina, The Value of Difference: Tracing "Diversity" in Copenhagen's Nordvest District