Trine Brinkmann

Trine Brinkmann

Part-time lecturer

Primary fields of research

Reginal: Denmark, Scandinavia, Southafrica

Thematic specialization: Processes and practices of rehabilitation, both on an individual and collective level, psychosocial work with children in refugee families, refugees in Denmark, integration policy, the concept of trauma

Current research

Working title: Second Generation Belonging. An ethnographic study of refugee families and psychosocial practices in the Danish public school.

Supervisor: Karen Fog Olwig

My research is funded as an industrial Ph.D in collaboration between The Danish Refugee Council (Centre for Exposed Refugees), the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and Department of Anthropology.

In the project I look into how "children in exposed refugee families" emerges as a social category through a range of psychosocial initiatives in the Danish public school. I trace the initiatives from a ministerial level, through NGO-networks and into the public school. I am interested in understanding how the psychosocial activities are being shaped and practiced in the schools as well as how the involved children and their families perceive and take part of the initiatives. I am especially preoccupied with notions of working with people in groups and with how the concept of trauma impact practice.   

I have done fieldwork in two public schools in two large Danish cities and I give emphasis to comparative aspects in my research.


ID: 20641013