AMIS seminar - Danish desires to export asylum responsibility to camps outside Europe: A research-based discussion

In February 2021, the Danish Frederiksen-government tabled a legislative proposal for a public hearing, which could radically transform Denmark´s asylum system: Referencing the Australian Pacific Solution as inspiration, it proposes the closure of peoples´ possibility to apply for asylum on Danish territory. Instead, asylum seekers are to be mass transferred to camp-structures outside Europe, where those granted refugee statuses will also stay.

This proposal follows increasing intra-European fractures in collaboration about responses to mass displacement. And while North European civil servants have long tried to externalize asylum responsibilities, the plans have equally long been resisted by countries in the global South calling it neo-colonial lacking solidarity. The current proposal and all similar European plans face the same critical questions regarding: the location of such camps; who should host them; who will possess legal responsibility for them; what kind of standards they will have; and how Denmark will ensure international human rights.

This AMIS seminar gathers some of Denmark´s foremost experts on asylum and migration policy to contribute research-based, multidisciplinary perspectives for discussing the currently unfolding processes in Danish asylum politics.


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Registration deadline: 26 February, 12:00 (CET)

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