Research projects

Collaborative migration research projects with participation of researchers at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen:

Current projects

CAMP - The Carceral Mobilities Project

This project at the SAXO-institute will develop the analytic concept of the “carceral junction” as a way of grasping the paradoxical work and consequences of asylum camps in Denmark and beyond.

PI: Simon Turner

Previous projects

Migration, State and Pedagogy: Migration as prism for pedagogical studies of state formation processes

Project at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication with the overall aim of  developing new fields of study for educational research that can capture the intersections and dynamics between issues/objects of welfare work, migration and state (trans)formation processes across different national, regional, local and institutional settings and contexts.
PI: Bolette Moldenhawer

Professional interventions as a state-crafting grammar addressing "the immigrant"

Collective research project at Department of Media, Cognition and Communicationexploring professional interventions in today’s state practices and how the transformation in professional interventions is related to historical processes of state transformation. 

PI: Bolette Moldenhawer