Combining a diversity of social sciences and humanities approaches to the theory and practice of migration, the centre’s research focus on moving populations and mobility practices as well as irregularized and forced migration. 

Photo by Amin Zeneyedpoor, Kærshovedgaard
Departure Centre Kærshovedgård, Denmark.
Photo by Amin Zeneyedpoor, Kærshovedgaard.

Research clusters

AMIS’ research profile is reflected in six AMIS research clusters. The aim of AMIS research clusters is to enhance cooperation and community among migration researchers across disciplines and research themes, with a particular focus on the humanities and social sciences, through the following objectives:

  • to inspire research curiosity and consolidate ongoing research
  • to stimulate cooperation and community
  • to cut across disciplines and research themes
  • to facilitate networking
  • to enhance the integration of teaching and research.

The six clusters 




























































If you are interested in activities related to one or more of the AMIS research clusters (seminars, reading groups, paper presentations or the like), please contact the responsible researcher connected to each of the AMIS research clusters listed below and briefly explain your research interests and how you would like to contribute.

Research projects and networks

Over the past 5 years AMIS has attracted and hosted a number of research projects funded by private as well as public foundations such as the Danish Research Council, the Velux Foundations and H2020.

Current projects and networks

Past projects

See list of past AMIS projects.