8th AMIS-MIM Masters conference 2021: Invisibility in Migration Studies

The paradoxes of migrant in/visibilisation

In/visibilisation is at play in many contemporary debates and policies around migration governance; not only through a wide variety of surveillance techniques but also through implicit or outright assumptions about racialized bodies; and through the optics of sensationalist media reporting. While migrants also rely on visibilisation strategies to claim protection or challenge their marginalization in host societies, visibility is also resisted. Undocumented migrants, for example, may prefer to fly under the radar in order to avoid the gaze of the authorities, and many newcomers work hard to shed the “migrant” label by assimilating to local styles and ideals. The presentations reflect on the paradoxes of the migrant in/visibilisation on the basis of ethnographic research on regional mobilities in West Africa.


13:00 Simon Turner, Acting Director, AMIS Welcome
13:15 Jesper Bjarnesen Keynote
14:15 Break
14:30 Thesis presentations (MIM)
15:15 Poster sessions (AMIS)
16:00 Break
16:15 Panel debate with post-docs and PhDs from MIM and AMIS

After the conference, AMIS will serve drinks and snacks.

Everyone is welcome.

About the event

A collaboration between Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen, and Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), Malmö University. The aim is to provide an opportunity for master's students in Advanced Migration Studies in Copenhagen and International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) in Malmö to meet and exchange experiences and ideas and to get an impression of the research going on at AMIS and MIM.