AMIS Culture Club: Film Screening November

We watch the two documentaries ‘Fire under the Ashes’ and ‘Another Danish Spring’, and afterwards the director of ‘Fire under the Ashes’, Arash Setoodeh, will tell about his work.

Fire under the Ashes
Iran and Denmark / 2013 / Documentary / 11 min
Though participation in election and holding peaceful protest are both democratic acts/rights, but they have serious effects on the life of an Iranian couple during and after Presidential Election in Iran 2009. What make Sepideh and Bamdad move from their homeland?

Another Danish Spring
Denmark and Czech Republic / 2015 / Documentary / 15 min
After making a short film in Denmark, a director has to face the fact that he is not anymore welcome back home, to Iran. Having a life in limbo, his friend follows him during the asylum process. How does it feel to shift from being a voluntary to a forced migrant?

Director: Karl Friis Forchhammer