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In response to immigration and globalisation more generally, nationalism is on the rise. Not only in terms of populist right-wing nationalist parties, but also in terms of an increased focus on the nation and national identity in the political mainstream. This is exemplified by policies and discourses involving cultural canons, citizenship tests, concerns about national values in schools and other major institutions, and more generally efforts towards nation-building. Proponents argue that such policies are necessary to provide for citizens a firm ground to stand on when facing the multiple influences of globalisation, to provide for immigrants a compass for integration, and to provide shared values of the kind required for high levels of social cohesion at the societal level.

Furthermore, the interest in nationalism has been mirrored in the research community, where scholars have studied e.g. the basis for support for populist movements, distinctions between different kinds nationalism (such as conservative, liberal, civic and ethnic nationalism), what values citizens are committed to at the national level, and what the impact is of (different kinds of) national identity as regards e.g. social cohesion.


10.00-10.10   Welcome (Nils Holtug)
10.10-10.50   Sune Lægaard (RUC), On the Apparent Tension Between State Duties to Assist Refugees and Non-arrival Measures
10.50-11.30   Kristian Kongshøj (University of Aalborg), Intra- and Intergenerational Cleavages in National Identity in Denmark
11.30-11.40   Break
11.40-12.20   Garbi Schmidt (RUC), Where We Belong – Reflections Based on Investigations of Copenhagen Neighbourhoods
12.20-13.10   Lunch
13.10-13.50   Karen Nielsen Breidahl (University of Aalborg), National Identification and Community Values among Non-western Immigrants and their Descendants in Denmark
13.50-14.30   Christian Albrekt Larsen (University of Aalborg), The Danish Republic: Changes in the Inhabitants’ Nation Perceptions From 2003 to 2013
14.30-14.40   Break
14.40-15.20   Kristina Bakkær Simonsen (University of Aarhus), How the Host Nation’s Boundary Drawing Affects Immigrants’ Belonging
15.20-16.00   Nils Holtug (University of Copenhagen), The National Identity Argument

Everyone is welcome!