Book Launch: Reframing Migration, Diversity and the Arts

Postmigration is a new and rapidly developing concept in sociology, migration studies and cultural studies. It frames phenomena of migration and diversity differently and challenges traditional views on society, immigration and integration. It offers a fresh perspective on the conflicts and struggles taking place in societies facing increasing cultural plurality as a result of immigration. In their co-authored book Reframing Migration, Diversity and the Arts: The Postmigrant Condition (Routledge Research in Art and Politics, 2019), professor Anne Ring Petersen from KU and associate professor Moritz Schramm from the University of Southern Denmark explore, together with other authors, this developing concept and its potentials for migration studies. It offers a review of the origin of the concept in the cultural scene in Berlin and how it has taken on a variety of meanings and works in different ways within different national, cultural and disciplinary contexts.

At the book launch Petersen and Schramm will introduce the concept and discuss its potentials and challenges in two short presentations, followed by a response from AMIS Postdoc Martin Ledstrup and a discussion with the audience. Schramm will give an account of the origin of the concept and the academic reception of the term. Following this theoretical introduction, Petersen will consider the analytical potential of the term and present an example of how a postmigrant perspective can be used to explore cultural expressions and link them to recent cultural developments and public debates.

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