5 December 2013

AMIS-affiliate interviewed about the launch of the EUROSUR border control system

On December 2nd, AMIS-affiliate, Adjunct Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, PhD, was a guest in the radio programme P1 Morgen and later the television programme DR2 Morgen. The topic was the European Union's launch of the transnational border control and surveillance system EUROSUR and whether the Union's justification of the system is really capable of addressing the humanitarian tragedies, such as the recent drowning of over 300 refugees at Lampedusa. Lemberg-Pedersen problematized this justification, arguing that EUROSUR has been in the pipeline for several years, and that the original reasons for the system has rather been to combat boat migration and to create a pre-frontier intelligence picture of migration flows in third countries bordering the EU.

He also detailed how the European military industry has been a key actor in developing the control projects and that EUROSUR, being an infrastructure project, will not be able to address the original reasons why people migrate, nor provide any solutions to the responsibility-sharing discussions between states like Italy and Malta. Finally, EUROSUR provides no guarantee that EU member states, like Greece, or third countries like Turkey or Libya, will in fact ensure access to asylum procedures.

P1 Morgen (from 01:48:00)

DR2 Morgen (from 02:18:12)