10 September 2013

AMIS affiliate appears in two interviews

AMIS affiliate Martin Lemberg-Pedersen featured in a P1 news story on the challenges facing the EU asylum system. Subsequently, he was also invited as expert commentator to the launch of Danish radio programme P1 Orientering's two-week theme on EU border control. With live coverage from journalists posted in Greece, Spain and Italy, alongside montages and interviews with refugees and NGOs, Lemberg-Pedersen featured in the studio alongside journalist Morten Beiter. There they discussed the state of affairs of the Greek-Turkish borders, the plight of refugees in Italy, including the recent rise in boatmigrant fatalities. They also discussed how the border cooperation between Spain and Morocco has pushed away from EU focus, such issues like overfisheries and Western Sahara.

Read more here (in Danish only).

Listen to the radio broadcast here (in Danish only).