14 August 2015

AMIS affiliate Dr. Lemberg-Pedersen features in several media

Lemberg-Pedersen interviewed by Information (requires subscription)

On August 4th, Martin Lemberg-Pedersen explains the pervasive influence of the European weapons industry on the construction and politics of EU border control. He also criticizes the argument that such border control systems only targets "illegal immigrants" pointing out that since legal escape routes for refugees are more or less non-existent, there can be no meaningful distinction between illegals and refugees, in which case the control affects everyone crossing borders.

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Lemberg-Pedersen interviewed by Radio24syv about latest refugee drowning tragedy north of Libyan coastline

On August 5th, Lemberg-Pedersen explained the latest news about the capsized refugee-transporting boat, 25 km north-west of Tripoli to the radio programme Datolinjen on Radio24syv.

Hear the radio program with the Dr. Lemborg-Pedersen interview

Lemberg-Pedersen features in Go' Morgen Danmark about smugglers and refugees

On August 6th, Lemberg-Pedersen featured in the popular morning show, Go’ Morgen Danmark, alongside the Afghan refugee Samir, who arrived to Denmark via smugglers 5 years ago. Together, the two explained the role of smugglers, the plight of those escaping conflict or persecution, and the future perspectives given the current European politics.

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Lemberg-Pedersen interviewed by Berlingske Tidende on EU Navfor Med

On August 7th, Lemberg-Pedersen was interviewed by Berlingske Tidende about the de facto stalled progress of the EU’s anti-smuggling operation EU Navfor Med in the Mediterranean. Lemberg-Pedersen points out several serious unresolved problems facing the operation, and notes that the intial eagerness of politicians to launch an ill-thought out operation is now beginning to backfire. He also warns that a militarization of these last escape routes for refugees, may risk pushing smuggling networks into the hands of IS and other militias on the Northern Libyan shoreline.

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AMIS affiliate Dr. Lemberg-Pedersen participates in P1 Debate

On August 5th, Lemberg-Pedersen participated in Danmarks Radio’s debate-programme P1 Debate, alongside journalist Michael S. Lund and the three politicians Morten Messerschmidt (Danish Peoples Party), Morten Løkkegaard (Liberal Party) and Karen Melchior (Social Liberals). The topic under discussion was the drawing of historical parallels to the European rejection to admit Jewish refugees during the 1930s and 1940s, and the current European rejection to assume responsibility for refugees from especially Syria. 

Hear the radio program P1 Debate with Dr. Lemborg-Pedersen