15 September 2014

AMIS affiliate guest in P1 Orientering

AMIS affiliate guest in P1 Orientering, discussing news that the Italian Mare Nostrum operation will be replaced by a "Frontex Plus"-operation (in Danish).

Dr. Martin Lemberg-Pedersen from AMIS was invited as guest to the radio-programme P1 Orientering, for a discussion of Mare Nostrum and Frontex Plus. He discussed discrepansies between the Italian minister Alfaro and JHA Commissioner Malmström, the timing of this new operation, where the Italian minister gives an impression that it is immediate, but the Commissioner talked of the end of November, and also how the issue of redistributing responsibility for asylum processing was only briefly and very vaguely adressed by the two politicians. But, as Lemberg-Pedersen pointed out: If Frontex Plus keeps on rescuing migrants, where will they then be transported for asylum processing? This is an issue which European countries will be negotiating on in the coming days.

See more here: https://www.dr.dk/radio/ondemand/p1/orientering-662/#!/00:32:30