5 March 2021

AMIS´ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen interviewed by Jyllands-Posten about Danish contribution to Frontex

AMIS´ associate professor Martin Lemberg-Pedersen was asked by Jyllands-posten to comment in two recent articles, concerning recent dramatic developments in the Aegean Sea. Here, Danish military officers took part in a Frontex mission to intercept boat migrants, but were attempted pressured by the Greek coast guard to change the GPS coordinates for the mission, so the migrants appeared to be in Turkish, instead of Greek waters. This would appear to facilitate an illegal Greek push back operation. The Danish officers refused, and instead reported it to Frontex, who, however, seemingly maintained the Greek line. The case has since then been investigated by Frontex, as well as the EU´s anti-fraud agency, OLAF.

Jyllands-Posten 27 February 2021
Danskere så på fra luften, mens den græske kystvagt var »aggressiv« over for migranter i gummibåd

Jyllands-Posten 28 February 2021
Dansk helikoptersag indgår i juridisk stormløb mod Frontex