4 January 2016

AMIS affiliate Martin Lemberg-Pedersen features in several written media (in Danish)

Lembergs-Pedersens activities in written media in the last month includes Politikken, Information, BT, Føljeton, Kristeligt Dagblad and Finanstidende.

In BT about why Prime minister Løkkes reasons against bordercontrol are fading

In BT about Minister of Integration Støjbergs austerity measures missing the target

In Jyllands-Posten on how swedish ID-control will put Denmark under pressure

In Information about  how ID-controll will force refugees to more dangerous rutes

In Information on unaccompanied childrens age

In Politikken about carrier liabilitys limited effect

In Politikken about registration of refugees at the Danish Borders

In Føljeton about the usage of drones in border control

In Kristeligt Dagblad about European safety (In print edition, November 18th)

In Finansavisen in a reportage on refugees comming to Norway (In print edition, November 7th)