19 May 2015

AMIS affiliate Dr. Martin Lemberg-Pedersen features in several radio-interviews (In Danish)

Lemberg-Pedersen has talked about the EU plans to intervene militarily in Libya to fight human smuggling, about the Commission’s bold proposal for burden-sharing and the predictable state-resistance against it and about the poor conditions of a Greek asylum system facing massive influx of primarily Syrian refugees over the summer.

P1 Orientering radio-interview about the prospects of an EU military intervention in Libya to curb boatrefugees (May 12, 2015, in Danish) 

Radio24syv-interview about the Commission’s plan to launch a resettlement and relocation system for refugees (May 12th, 2015, from 45:35 in Danish)

Radio24syv-interview: ”The question of Danish resistance to burden-sharing of asylum claims within the EU” (April 30, 2015, in Danish, from appr. 44:15)

P1 Orientering radio-interview on the condition of the Greek asylum system (April 21, 2015, in Danish)