19 May 2015

AMIS affiliate Dr. Martin Lemberg-Pedersen interviewed by Ekstra Bladet (in Danish)

Ekstra Bladet-interview: ”It will only get worse”  (In Danish)

According to Lemberg-Pedersen (originally in Danish):

”The situation in Libya is completely chaotic. The regions of origin, where people escaped previously, are now pressed beyond all capacity. This is the reason why more people are willing to take the risk of boatmigration.”

 ”I believe that the situation in Syria, which is a prime reason for the many refugees, will only worsen now. Unfortunately, I think that we will see increased flows of Syrian refugees during 2015.”

”It all depends what the EU decides to do now. If the cynical approach continues, we will witness a record in the number of dead refugees at the EU’s border, during 2015."

See Ekstra Bladet April 21, 2015