30 April 2019

New member of the Steering Committee for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen

We would like to welcome a new member of the Steering Committee, Trine Øland.

Trine Øland holds an M.A. in Educational Science and Political Science (1997), and a Ph.D. in Educational Science (2007). Since 2012, she has been Associate Professor in the Section of Education, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, where she is also head of section and Ph.D. coordinator since 2013, and head of The History and Sociology of Welfare Work Research Group since 2014. Her specializations are the history and sociology of welfare state progressivism and integrationism, and critical studies of racialization and classification processes in connection with the emergence and transformation of benevolent ideas and practices concerning education and welfare, e.g., progressive pedagogy in public schools in Denmark and welfare work with immigrants and refugees in public welfare provisions, including welfare work in the aftermath of refugee arrivals since the 1970s. She has published extensively on these issues, for example, the monograph Progressiv pædagogik—former, forandringer, og virkninger [Progressive Pedagogy—Forms, Transformations, and Effects] (2011), the chapter “‘Human Potential’ and Progressive Pedagogy: a Long Cultural History of the Ambiguity of ‘Race’ and ‘Intelligence’” (2017) in Sociology of Education II: Routledge's Major Themes in Education series, (ed. by Stephen Ball); the monograph Welfare Work with Immigrants and Refugees in a Social Democratic Welfare State (2019), published by Routledge; and the collected volume State-crafting on the Fringes: Studies of Welfare Work Addressing the Other co-edited and co-written with C. Ydesen, M. Padovan-Özdemir and B. Moldenhawer (2019, forthcoming), published by Museum Tusculanum Press.

Complete list of members:

Martha Sif Karrebæk
Associate Professor, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics

Pia Schwarz Lausten
Associate Professor, Department for English, Germanic and Romance Studies

Anders Michelsen
Associate Professor, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

Pia Quist
Associate Professor, Department of Scandinavian Research

Marie Sandberg (Director)
Associate Professor, The Saxo Institute

Margit Warburg
professor, Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies

Trine Øland
Associate Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication