25 November 2020

New member of the Steering Committee for Advanced Migration Studies

We would like to welcome a new member of the Steering Committee, Georg Walter Wink.

Georg Walter Wink will be replacing Pia Schwartz-Lausten as representative for Engerom. Georg is Associate Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, and his research profile concerns migrant literature and transculturality within Latin America.

Visit the profile of Georg Walter Wink.

We look very much forward to cooperating with Georg!

Complete list of members:

Martha Sif Karrebæk
Associate Professor, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics

Georg Walter Wink
Associate Professor, Department for English, Germanic and Romance Studies

Anders Michelsen
Associate Professor, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

Pia Quist
Associate Professor, Department of Scandinavian Research

Marie Sandberg (Director)
Associate Professor, The Saxo Institute

Margit Warburg
professor, Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies

Trine Øland
Associate Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication