12 November 2015

Social cohesion, trust, and refugees

Danish football fans in red-white shirts and hats

AMIS director Nils Holtug interviewed by Danish radio programme P1 Apropos on the relation between social cohesion, trust, and refugees/immigrants.

Listen to the radio programme here (in Danish).

Nils Holtug also gave a lecture on the 19th of October 2015 at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Videnskabernes Selskab), on identity, diversity and social cohesion, which is now available on YouTube (in Danish):

"Ville det være bedre, hvis vi var (mere) ens? Identitet, diversitet og social sammenhængskraft" ("Would it be better if we were (more) alike? Identity, diversity and social cohesion").

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Category: Statistics, Marketing