15 March 2016

The EU/Turkish deal on border control - Unrealistic and in violation of fundamental refugee rights (In Danish)

AMIS affiliate Martin Lemberg-Pedersen is featured in several Danish media regarding the recent EU-Turkish refugee summit.
See the interview in Jyllandsposten
See the interveiw in Information/Ritzau
See the interview in Berlingske Tidende
Hear the interview in P1's Orientering at Denmarks Radio
Hear the interview in Radio24syv

Also of interest to this story, Lemberg-Pedersen has on LinkinIn published a description (in Danish) of how his research communication in this case was used, reused and used again in a copy & paste journalistic ecco chamber, with the end result that his critical assessment of the EU-Turkish deal, appeared to be mostly positive.
Read Lemberg-Pedersens description